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3/23 Girls Basketball  16th Annual Statewide All-Star Game
3/23 Boys Basketball  16th Annual Statewide All-Star Game
3/23 Girls Basketball  Statewide All-Star Game Breakfast

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  The Sixth District Senior Basketball Showcase

Outgoing seniors of boys and girls basketball teams in District 6 will meet at Bonneville High School on Wednesday March 7th for one final hurrah as we close the 2017-18 basketball season. You can watch the entire event LIVE on!

By: Matt Harris
Published: 3/5/2018 12:04:41 AM
Follow Matt on @Twitter: @IdahoSportsMatt

Basketball season isn't quite done just yet.

Teams in the northern half of eastern Idaho will give one final hurrah to the 2017-18 hoops season with the District 6 Senior Basketball Showcase, which will take place on Wednesday, March 7th at Bonneville High School. The event will kick off at 5:00 pm and will be video-streamed LIVE on

There will be four All-Star games over the course of the night along with a co-ed 3-point shootout, slam dunk contest, and scholarship presentations from the Sixth District Officials Association.

The schedule for the 2018 District 6 Senior Basketball Showcase will be as follows:

5:00 pm - 3A/2A/1A Girls All-Star Game
6:00 pm - 5A/4A All-Star Game
6:50 pm - Co-Ed 3-Point Shootout
7:05 pm - Sixth District Officials Association Scholarship Presentations
7:15 pm - 3A/2A/1A Boys All-Star Game
8:15 pm - Slam Dunk Contest
8:30 pm - 5A/4A Boys All-Star Game

Any varsity level senior basketball player from District 6 can compete in the Co-Ed 3-Point Shootout and the Slam Dunk Contest.

All-Star Game rosters have been selected by coaches in the district.

3A/2A/1A Girls West Roster

3A/2A/1A Girls East Roster

Jazmin Romero, Shelley Russets

Savanah Crane, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Abbey Crandall, Shelley Russets

Kayla Luke, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Ashleigh Ball, Shelley Russets

Sarah Maughan, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Harlee Speth, South Fremont Cougars

Morgan Laird, West Jefferson Panthers

Brinlie Rowbury, South Fremont Cougars

Allison Severe, West Jefferson Panthers

Laura Parkinson, Challis Vikings

Shayleece Lambson, Butte County Pirates

Cammie Gee, Firth Cougars

Meg Buxton, Butte County Pirates

Maddie Miller, North Fremont Huskies

Tausha Cummins, Butte County Pirates

Taeya Dixon, Watersprings Warriors

Sherawn Brownlee, Butte County Pirates

Abi Findley, Leadore Mustangs

Abby Grover, Clark County Bobcats

Samantha Kay, Teton Redskins

Savannah Brewington, Firth Cougars


Kaitlyn Burgess, Salmon Savages





Damien Smith, Ririe Bulldogs

Crystal Dayley, Sugar-Salem Diggers

JoAnna Leaton, Challis Vikings

Carla Hansen, Butte County Pirates


5A/4A Girls West Roster

5A/4A Girls East Roster

Cortney McDonald, Bonneville Bees

Jet Taylor, Rigby Trojans

Kalli Harris, Bonneville Bees

Lexi Martinez, Rigby Trojans

Paige Nelson, Bonneville Bees

Alli McKinlay, Rigby Trojans

Hannah Wilson, Madison Bobcats

Jordyn Haxby, Blackfoot Broncos

Brielle Hammond, Madison Bobcats

Sierra Sanchez, Blackfoot Broncos

Mykilee Duffin, Madison Bobcats

Erin Jenkins, Skyline Grizzlies

Annika Baldwin, Hillcrest Knights

Halli Olson, Skyline Grizzlies

Taylee Phippen, Hillcrest Knights

Brittney Dennert, Skyline Grizzlies





Amy Wood, Bonneville Bees

Courtnie Smith, Blackfoot Broncos


3A/2A/1A Boys West Roster

3A/2A/1A Boys East Roster

Coleby Hess, Teton Redskins

Chandler Pincock, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Jack Thompson, Shelley Russets

Dan Shirley, Sugar-Salem Diggers

Kimball Smith, Shelley Russets

Reece Yancey, South Fremont Cougars

Stockton Cannon, Shelley Russets

Ryker Parkinson, Ririe Bulldogs

Ty Parton, Clark County Bobcats

Braxtin Allen, Ririe Bulldogs

Connor Berrett, Firth Cougars

Sawyer Dye, North Fremont Huskies

Wyatt Jenkins, Firth Cougars

Braxton Ramirez, West Jefferson Panthers

Kyson Poletti, Watersprings Warriors

Kyle Gregory, Challis Vikings

Brett Waymire, Butte County Pirates

Creed Barney, Salmon Savages

Grant Waddoups-Hamm, Butte County Pirates

Hunter Tarkalson, Salmon Savages





Wally Foster, Shelley Russets

Eric Torgerson, Ririe Bulldogs

Jesse Adams, Watersprings Warriors

Jerrod Farr, Challis Vikings


5A/4A Boys West Roster

5A/4A Boys East Roster

Brigham Williams, Madison Bobcats

Noah Hilliam, Idaho Falls Tigers

Joe Dougherty, Madison Bobcats

Derek Marlowe, Hillcrest Knights

Cameron Webster, Madison Bobcats

Jaxon Weatherly, Hillcrest Knights

Dillon Sorenson, Bonneville Bees

Trey Johnson, Hillcrest Knights

Jaden Landes, Skyline Grizzlies

Parker Stevens, Hillcrest Knights

Danny Webb, Skyline Grizzlies

Ben Fullmer, Rigby Trojans

Rayce Shelley, Blackfoot Broncos

Tanner Clayton, Rigby Trojans

Trevor Miller, Blackfoot Broncos

Tane Togiai, Rigby Trojans





Travis Schwab, Madison Bobcats

Howard Hart, Idaho Falls Tigers

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