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2022 Idaho High School Wrestling Preview: 5A Classification
Al Fontes identifies the top teams, returning state placers and incoming freshmen to keep an eye on this year.
Published: 12/6/2022 9:38:18 AM
Al Fontes
Contributing Writer


The top three teams returning in the 5A division include 2022 state team champion Meridian, Post Falls, and Nampa, moving up from the 4A division. Once again, Meridian is loaded and returns nine state placers and seven qualifiers. Leading this strong contingent is returning two-time state champions Jason Mara (Jr.), Cade White (Sr.), and Hudson Rogers (Jr.), each Fargo All-Americans. Other returning state placers to watch include three-time state placer and Reno TOC finalist Isaiah Twait (Sr.), state finalist and All-American Carson Gooley (Jr.), and state placers Gabe Arnold (Soph.), Jerimiah Gonzalez (Soph.), and Kellen Kolka (Sr.).

Close behind is traditional power Post Falls, who in 2022 finished third in the state team standings. This season, Post Falls return 2 state champions and 13 state placers overall, and 4 qualifiers. Leading this large contingent is returning state champions Rider Sequine (Soph.), Tyson Barhart (Jr.), followed by state placers Ethan Wilson (10), Zack Campbell (Sr.), Connor McCarroll (Sr.), Seth Martin (Soph.), John Rudebaugh (Sr.), Jose Laguna (Sr.), Gentry Smith (Sr.), Keanyn DeGroat (Sr.), Malcom Duthie (Sr.), and Trevor Miller (Sr.).

Placing runner-up in the 4A division in 2022 is Nampa, who returns a strong group that will challenge both Meridian and Post Falls for the top spot. Leading Nampa is returning state champions Dedrick Navarro (Sr.), Simon Alberto Luna (Sr.), Carson Exferd (Jr.), and Payton Gunter (Sr.). Both Navarro and Exferd are accomplished off season wrestlers and have earned multiple All-American honors. Other returning state placers include Alijah Macias (Soph.), Aulani Macias (Jr.), Jonathan Seamons (Jr.), Ethan Kincheloe (Sr.), and three-time placer and finalist Nikko Gonzalez (Sr.). Additionally, Nampa returns four state qualifiers.

Other teams to watch include Kuna, Rocky Mountain, Eagle, Thunder Ridge, Middleton, Highland, and Coeur d’ Alene.

Individually, the 5A returns several talented wrestlers with multiple state titles and All-American honors to their credit. Among this talented group includes Eagle’s Tanner Frothinger, who is in pursuit of winning a rare fourth state title. Committed to the University of Nebraska, Frothinger has earned multiple All-American honors and will be tough to beat. Four other wrestlers return with two state titles. They include Thunder Ridge’s Talen Eck (Jr.), Carson Exferd (Nampa), and Meridian’s Jason Mara and Cade White. Other returning state champions challenging for a second title include Rider Sequine (Post Falls, Soph.), Zach MacDonald (Lake City, Sr.), Dedrick Navarro (Nampa, Sr.), Simon Alberto-Luna (Nampa, Sr.), Tyson Barnhart (Post Falls, Jr.), Hudson Rogers (Meridian, Jr.), Eli Anderton (Highland, Sr.), Payton Gunter (Nampa, Sr.), and Borah’s Aden Attao, who last summer earned Fargo titles in both Freestyle and Greco, also earned a bronze medal at the U20 World Championships. Additionally, eight wrestlers are in position to earn a fourth state medal and nineteen in pursuit of a third medal.


  1. Meridian
  2. Post Falls
  3. Nampa
  4. Kuna
  5. Rocky Mountain


126 – Tanner Frothinger (Eagle, 12)



113 – Talen Eck (Thunder Ridge, 11)

120 – Carson Exford (Nampa, 11)

138 – Jason Mara (Meridian, 11)

145 – Cade White (Meridian, 12)



98 – Rider Sequine (Post Falls, 10)

106 – Zach MacDonald (Lake City, 12)

106 – Dedrick Navarro (Nampa, 12)

113 – Simon Alberto-Luna (Nampa, 12)

120 – Tyson Barnhart (Post Falls, 11)

132 – Hudson Rogers (Meridian, 11)

220 – Eli Anderton (Highland, 12)

220 – Payton Gunter (Nampa, 12)

285 – Aden Attao (Borah, 12)



106 – Zach MacDonald (Lake City, 12), 5th, 2nd, 1st

106 – Dedrick Navarro (Nampa, 12), 1st, 2nd, 2nd

113 – Simon Alberto-Luna (Nampa, 12), 2nd, 1st, 2nd

126 – Tanner Frothinger (Eagle, 12), 1st, 1st, 1st

132 – Nikko Gonzalez (Nampa, 12), 2nd, 4th, 2nd

145 – Cade White (Meridian, 12), 1st, 1st, 2nd

160 – Rustan Cordingley (Highland, 12), 3rd, 3rd, 4th

170 – Isaiah Twait (Meridian, 12), 3rd, 3rd, 2nd



106 – Junior Flores (Centennial, 12), 3rd, 5th

113 – Talen Eck (Thunder Ridge, 11), 1st, 1st

113 – Cole Currin (Kuna, 11), 2nd, 2nd

113 – Cael Bullock (Rocky Mountain, 11), 3rd, 4th

113 – Anderson White (Kuna, 12), 3rd, 2nd

120 – Tyson Barnhart (Post Falls, 11), 1st, 4th

120 – Carson Exford (Nampa, 11), 1st, 1st

120 – Hunter Lowe (Kuna, 11), 5th, 5th

126 – Zanlen White (Kuna, 11), 3rd, 2nd

126 – Adrien Wess (Mountain View, 12), 6th, 4th

132 – Titus Nichols (Rocky Mountain, 12), 5th, 4th

132 – Connor McCarroll (Post Falls, 12), 3rd, 6th

138 – Jason Mara (Meridian, 11), 1st, 1st

138 – Kody Rich (Kuna, 12), 4th, 3rd

145 – Jacob Blanford (Middleton, 11), 6th, 2nd

160 – Carson Speelman (Coeur d’ Alene, 11), 6th, 6th

170 – Jose Laguna (Post Falls, 12), 5th, 4th

220 – Trevor Miller (Post Falls, 12), 5th, 3rd

220 – Shilo Jones (Mountain View, 11), 6th, 5th



Aden Attao (Borah), U20 World Bronze – GR



Aden Attao (Borah) 3x

Jason Mara (Meridian) 2x


ALL-AMERICANS (Fargo/Folkstyle/UWW)

Tanner Frothinger (Eagle) 5x

Hudson Rogers (Meridian) 3x

Jason Mara (Meridian) 5x

Aden Attao (Borah) 5x

Dedrick Navarro (Nampa) 3x

Shilo Jones (Mountain View) 3x

Rider Sequine (Post Falls)

Hunter Anderson (Rigby)

Cael Bullock (Rocky Mountain)

Cade White (Meridian)

Jacob Blanford (Middleton)

Carson Gooley (Meridian)



Dylan Frothinger (Eagle)

Logan Shaver (Meridian)

Ryan Amourex (Meridian)

Tristian Stuart (Meridian)

Justus Briggs (Meridian) 

Bradley Bones (Meridian)

Rocco White (Coeur d’ Alene)

Ty Paulin (Coeur d’ Alene)

Nati Colberg (Rocky Mountain)


RETURNING STATE PLACERS (Previous state tournament weights)


Rider Sequine (Post Falls, 10), State Champion

Alijah Macias (Nampa, 10), 2nd Place (4A)

Gabe Arnold (Meridian, 10), 3rd Place

Bode Alexander (Coeur d’ Alene, 11), 4th Place

Hunter Anderson (Rigby, 10), 5th Place

Chase Jensen (Rocky Mountain, 11), 6th Place



Zach MacDonald (Lake City, 12), 3x Placer (5, 2, 1)

Dedrick Navarro (Nampa, 12), 3x 4A Placer (1, 2, 2)

Jake Castegneto (Bishop Kelly, 11), State Champion (1, 2)

Jerimiah Gonzalez (Meridian, 10), 2nd Place

Isaac Scott (Thunder Ridge, 12), 3rd Place

Ethan Wilson (Post Falls, 10), 4th Place

Junior Flores (Centennial, 12), 2x Placer (3, 5)

Noyd Monroe (Kuna, 10), 6th Place

Jaden Calkins (Meridian, 11), 6th Place ‘21

JJ Good (Boise, 12), 6th Place ‘20

Aulania Macias (Nampa, 11), 6th Place ’21 (4A)



Talen Eck (Thunder Ridge, 11), 2x State Champion

Simon Alberto Luna (Nampa, 12), 3x Placer (2, 1, 2)

Cole Currin (Kuna, 11), 2x Placer (2, 2)

Cael Bullock (Rocky Mountain, 11), 2x Placer (3, 4)

Zack Campbell (Post Falls, 12), 5th Place

Joey Madden (Eagle, 12), 6th Place

Jaybn Kemble (Middleton, 10), 4th Place (4A)

Anderson White (Kuna, 12), 2x Placer ’21 (3, 2)

Brady Carwood (Madison, 11), 4th Place ’21



Hoyt Hvass (Lewiston, 11), State Champion

Tyson Barnhart (Post Falls, 11), 2x Placer (1, 4)

Carson Exferd (Nampa, 11), 2x State Champion (4A)

Matthew Papa (Meridian, 11), 3rd Place

Hunter Lowe (Kuna, 11), 2x Placer (5, 5)

Will Rossi (Coeur d’ Alene, 10), 6th Place

Wylie Stone (Eagle, 11), 6th Place ‘21

Parker Reeves (Thunder Ridge, 11), 5th Place ‘21

Kelly Kolka (Meridian, 12), 4th Place ‘21



Tanner Frothinger (Eagle, 12), 3x State Champion

Zalen White (Kuna, 11), 2x Placer (3, 2)

Blaine Leonard (Lake City, 12), 2x Placer (5, 3)

Adrien Wess (Mountain View, 12), 2x Placer (6, 4)

Trey Smith (Post Falls, 10), 5th Place

Payson Solomon (Highland, 12), 6th Place



Hudson Rogers (Meridian, 11), State Champion ’21



Jason Mara (Meridian, 11), 2x State Champion

Kody Rich (Kuna, 12), 2x Placer (4, 3)

Seth Martin (Post Falls, 10), 4th Place

Zak Hiler (Eagle, 12), 6th Place ‘21



Cade White (Meridian, 12), 2x State Champion (1, 1, 2)

Jacob Blanford (Middleton, 11), 2x 4A Placer (6, 2)



John Rudebaugh (Post Falls, 12), 3rd Place

Zac Henderson (Rocky Mountain, 12), 4th Place

Colton George (Highland, 11), 4th Place ‘21



Rustan Cordingley (Highland, 12), 3x Placer (3, 3, 4)

Carsen Speelman (Coeur d’ Alene, 11), 2x Placer (6, 6)

Jonathan Seamons (Nampa, 11), 3rd Place



Isaiah Twait (Meridian, 12), 3x Placer (3, 3, 2)

Jose Laguna (Post Falls, 12), 2x Placer (5, 4)



Gentry Smith (Post Falls, 12), 3rd Place

Keanyn DeGroat (Post Falls, 12), 5th Place

Ashton Peterson (Madison, 12), 6th Place

Ethan Kincheloe (Nampa, 12), 5th Place



Carson Gooley (Meridian, 11), 2nd Place

Seth Brock (Eagle, 11), 4th Place

Malcolm Duthie (Post Falls, 12), 5th Place



Eli Anderton (Highland, 12), State Champion

Payton Gunter (Nampa, 12), State Champion (4A)

Trevor Miller (Post Falls, 12), 2x Placer (5, 3)

Shilo Jones (Mountain View, 11), 2x Placer (6, 5)

Cash Weeks (Middleton, 11), 3rd Place (4A)



Aden Attao (Borah, 12), State Champion

Robert Storm (Lewiston, 12), 3rd Place

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