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2022 Wrestling USA Magazine Names Three Idaho High Schoolers All-Americans
Derek Matthews, Rylan Rogers, and Nico Rodriguez were selected to the Annual Senior All-American Team
Published: 8/4/2022 5:34:02 PM
Al Fontes
Contributing Writer


The national publication Wrestling USA Magazine (WUSA) has been promoting amateur wrestling at all levels since the mid-1960s and to date is among the longest family operated (Bryant Family) magazines still in existence. Since 1968, WUSA has recognized the top high school seniors in the country by publishing All-American teams consisting of two categories; All-American (AA) and Honorable Mention.  Beginning in 1976, WUSA added another category to the All-American list called the DREAM TEAM for the top ranked senior per each weight category and a decade later added the ACADEMIC TEAM for top tier scholar athletes.

To be considered for the WUSA All-American teams requires a coach to submit a nomination form (Seniors only) after the state meet of a wrestler’s senior season (from obtained via WUSA Magazine subscription or online). Traditionally, past All-American teams were featured in the May issue, but since the COVID pandemic, the process has been extended and now is featured in either the July or August issues.

The first Idaho wrestler to be featured on an WUSA All-American team was Mark Bittick of Notus High School of Caldwell back in 1971. To date, Idaho has had 125 wrestlers selected for the various All-American teams with several going on to do well at the collegiate and international levels. Leading this exceptional contingent include Dream Team selections Chris Owens (Idaho Falls HS/Oklahoma State, 1988), Jared Lawrence (Sandpoint HS/Univ. of Minnesota, 1998), Jake Rosholt (Sandpoint HS/Oklahoma State, 2001), Adam Hall (Bonners Ferry HS/Boise State, 2006), Clayton Foster (Kamiah HS/Oklahoma State, 2007), and Tanner Hall (Meridian HS/Arizona State, 2011).  On average, the state of Idaho has had approximately two to three wrestlers selected each year. The highest number of All-Americans selected in a season for the state of Idaho is six (aka, The Club of Six), which is listed below by year. 



Drew Roberts – Coeur d’ Alene (AA)
Michael Mitchell – Kuna (HM AA)
Lane Reardon – Post Falls (HM AA)
Preston Owens – Kuna (HM AA)
Dante Roggio – Kuna (HM AA)
Charley Hastritter – Capital (HM AA)


Darrick Stacy – Shelley  (HM AA)
William Edelblute – Lakeland  (HM AA)
Caleb Call – Shelley  (HM AA)
Larry Johnson – Lakeland (HM AA)
Braxton Balmforth – Shelley (HM AA)
Konnor Cordingly – Highland  (HM AA)


Adam Hall – Bonners Ferry (DREAM TEAM)
Shawn Jones – Snake River (AA)
Dylan Whitling – Skyview (HM AA)
Brandon Palaniuk – Lakeland  (HM AA)
Jared Leuzinger – Challis  (HM AA)
Derek Mestrovich – Skyview  (HM AA)


Luke Smith – Idaho Falls (AA)
Daniel Erekson – Eagle (HM AA)
Jayson John – Idaho Falls (HM AA)
Justin Gardner – Bonneville (HM AA)
Sean Conner – Skyline (HM AA)
Vance Beeson – Eagle (HM AA)


Andy Patrick – Meridian  (AA)
Jordan Johns – Aberdeen  (HM AA)
Clint Leonard – Lakeland  (HM AA)
Dillon Brower – Challis  (HM AA)
Paul Ricks – Skyline  (HM AA)
Tad Berry – Challis (HM AA)

Since the first group of WUSA All-Americans back in 1968, Idaho Falls High School has produced the most All-Americans in Idaho to date with 12, followed by Meridian and Post Falls, each with 8 All-Americans. The following is a closer look at the top 3 Idaho schools.


Josh Warner – HM, 2009
Luke Smith – AA, 2005
Jason John – HM, 2005
Matt Hodges – HM, 2002
Chris King – AA, 1999
Torry Taylor – HM, 1999
Shane Hanson – Academic Team, 1993
Jeff Gardnier – HM, 1989
Chris Owens – Dream Team, 1988
Scott Davis – HM, 1986
Russell Hall – HM, 1983
Sam Orme – HM, 1973


Tanner Hall – Dream Team, 2011
Andy Patrick – AA, 2003
Fred Bartlett – AA, 1999
Joseph Corral – HM, 1999
Robert Ho – Academic Team, 1990
Jon Watson – HM, 1987
Chris Pratt – HM, 1986
Sean Moon – HM, 1984


Lane Reardon – HM, 2021
Ridge Lovett – AA, 2019
Alius De La Rosa – HM, 2016
T.J. Wolf – HM, 2016
Drake Foster – AA, 2015
Seth McLeod – AA, 2015
Tyler Booth – HM, 2012
James Ost – HM, 2012

Other Idaho High Schools (5 or more AAs): Centennial (6), Lakeland (6), Columbia (5), Kuna (5), Highland (5), and Pocatello (5)

The Idaho seniors selected for the 2022 WUSA All-American Teams include Derek Matthews, Rylan Rogers, and Nico Rodriguez. A graduate of Declo High School in southeastern Idaho, Matthews is a 4x State Champion (2A), 3x Fargo All-American, and is committed to attend Northern Colorado University in the Fall. Rated among the top 195 pound wrestlers in the country, Rogers is a 2x  State Champion (5A) for Coeur d’ Alene High School, 2x Fargo All-American/finalist, and National Prep Champion for Blair Academy his sophomore season. Additionally, Rogers will be attending the University of Michigan in the fall. Competing for Columbia High School in Nampa, Rodriguez capped his senior year with three 4A state titles, four state medals overall, and All-American honors at the NHSCA and Folkstyle Nationals (16U). Overall, a great group of seniors with great potential to compete at the next level. I extend my congratulations to all three seniors and a job well done for their exceptional prep careers. Good luck in your next chapter in life.  

In summary, the Gem State of Idaho has represented well in the last several decades with the annual Wrestling USA Magazine All-American selections. Since the first Idahoan, Mark Bittick of Notus High School was selected in 1971, Idaho has had 125 wrestlers selected for this great honor. Idaho Falls High School presently leads the state with 12 All-Americans and close behind is current state powers Meridian and Post Falls with 8, and future senior classes have the potential to meet or exceed “The Club of Six” produced in the last twenty years.

I also want to give a “BIG THANK YOU” to my wrestling colleagues Dan Fickel (WUSA National Editor) and the Bryant Family (Cody and Lanny) for their hard work and commitment making this annual All-American feature a possibility all these years. Their extensive efforts to put this project together is greatly appreciated and to date has done so much for the promotion of prep wrestling across the country. Below is the list of Idaho wrestlers listed on the WUSA Magazine High School All-American teams dating back to 1971.


Tanner Hall – Meridian HS, 2011
Clayton Foster – Kamiah HS, 2007
Adam Hall – Bonners Ferry HS, 2006
Jake Rosholt – Sandpoint HS, 2001
Jared Lawrence – Sandpoint HS, 1998
Chris Owens – Idaho Falls, 1988


Lex Case – North Fremont HS, 2000
Shane Hanson – Idaho Falls HS, 1993
Gary Johnson – Pocatello HS, 1992
Robert Ho – Meridian HS, 1990
Travis Bell – Highland HS, 1988


Derek Matthews – Declo, 2022
Rylan Rogers – Coeur d’ Alene, 2022
Nico Rodriguez – Columbia, 2022
Drew Roberts – Coeur d’ Alene, 2021
Kase Mauger – Twin Falls HS, 2020
Ridge Lovett – Post Falls HS, 2019
Jonathan Fagen – Fruitland HS, 2019
Casey Randles – Coeur d’ Alene HS, 2017
Tucker Leavitt – Highland HS, 2016
Drake Foster – Post Falls HS, 2015
Bryce Parson – Lewiston HS, 2015
Seth McLeod – Post Falls HS, 2015
Michael Cook – Kuna HS 2014
Hayden Tuma – Centennial HS, 2014
Blaine Invernon – Bonners Ferry HS, 2013"
Jared Johnshoy – Melba HS, 2013
Colby Kloetzer – Caldwell HS, 2011
Taylor West – Borah HS, 2011
Trevor Rupp – Pocatello HS, 2010
Jacob Scharbrough – Weiser HS, 2008
Joey Fio – Sandpoint HS, 2007
Kirk Smith – Centennial HS, 2007
Shawn Jones – Snake River HS, 2006
Luke Smith – Idaho Falls HS, 2005
Nick Smith – Centennial HS, 2004
Andry Patrick – Meridian HS, 2003
Brock Zollinger – Sugar-Salem HS, 2002
Tony Hook – Sandpoint HS, 2002
Clint Wolfley – Snake River HS, 2000
Fred Bartlett – Meridian HS, 1999
Chris King – Idaho Falls HS, 1999
James Huml – Sugar-Salem HS, 1998
Zane Jones – Skyline HS, 1981
Cordel Anderson – Preston HS, 1980


Michael Mitchell – Kuna HS, 2021
Lane Reardon – Post Falls HS, 2021
Preston Owens – Kuna HS, 2021
Dante Roggio – Kuna HS, 2021
Charley Hastritter – Capital HS, 2021
Angel Rios -- Columbia HS, 2020
Kenneth Copley -- Sugar-Salem HS, 2020
Sam Edelblute – Lakeland HS, 2019
Ezekial Williamson – Jerome HS, 2019
Darrick Stacy – Shelley HS, 2018
William Edelblute – Lakeland HS, 2018
Caleb Call – Shelley HS, 2018
Larry Johnson – Lakeland HS, 2018
Braxton Balmforth – Shelley HS, 2018
Konnor Cordingly – Highland HS, 2018
Sammy Eckhart -- Fruitland HS, 2017
Jaron Chavez -- Centennial HS, 2017
Brandon Kipper -- Columbia HS, 2017
Levi Austin -- New Plymouth HS, 2016
T.J. Wolf -- Post Falls HS, 2016
Alius DeLaRosa -- Post Falls, HS, 2016
Jared Bird -- Bonneville HS, 2016
Blake Ivie -- Kellogg HS, 2015
Casey Cobb – Kuna HS, 2014
Tristan Jarboe – Columbia, 2014
Jon Jay Chavez – Centennial, 2014
Tim McDonald -- Columbia HS, 2013
Ray Evans -- New Plymouth HS, 2012
James Ost -- Post Falls HS, 2012
Tyler Booth -- Post Falls, HS, 2012
Casey George -- Lewiston HS, 2011
V.J. Giulio -- American Falls, 2011
Holden Packard -- Mountain View HS, 2010
Brandon Richardson -- Lakeland HS, 2010
Luke Weaver -- Salmon HS, 2010
Josh Warner -- Idaho Falls HS, 2009
Spence Patrick -- Mountain View HS, 2008
Avery Garner – Centennial HS, 2007
Dylan Whitling – Skyview HS, 2006
Brandon Palaniuk – Lakeland HS, 2006
Jared Leuzinger – Challis HS, 2006
Derek Mestrovich – Skyview HS, 2006
Vance Beeson – Eagle HS, 2005
Sean Conner – Skyline HS, 2005
Justin Gardner – Bonneville HS, 2005
Jayson John – Idaho Falls HS, 2005
Daniel Erekson – Eagle HS, 2005
Jordan Johns – Aberdeen HS, 2003
Clint Leonard – Lakeland HS, 2003
Dillon Brower – Challis HS, 2003
Paul Ricks – Skyline HS, 2003
Tad Berry – Challis HS, 2003
Mike Wilding – Highland HS, 2002
Matt Hodges – Idaho Falls HS, 2002
Drew Dickerson – Weiser HS, 2001
Stacey Mello – McCall-Donnelly HS, 2001
Greg Holman – Sugar-Salem HS, 2000
Travis Jacobson – Blackfoot HS, 2000
Joseph Corral – Meridian HS, 1999
Jonathan Padgett – Fruitland HS, 1999
Torry Taylor – Idaho Falls HS, 1999
Jedediah Clacke – Pocatello HS, 1998
Catt Cobb – Weiser HS, 1998
Craig Van Sickle – Highland HS, 1995
Jeff Gardnier – Idaho Falls HS, 1989
Ryan Nash – Homedale HS, 1988
John Andrews – Wallace HS, 1987
Jon Watson – Meridian HS, 1987
Breck Crystal – Skyline HS, 1986
Scott Davis – Idaho Falls HS, 1986
Chris Pratt – Meridian HS, 1986
Sean Moon – Meridian HS, 1984
Russell Hall – Idaho Falls, 1983
Stan Armstrong – Pocatello HS, 1981
Tom Hugie – Blackfoot HS, 1980
Creed Ricks – Rexburg HS, 1980
Darby Lewis – Boise HS, 1979
Clayton Armstrong – Pocatello HS, 1978
Sam Orme – Idaho Falls HS, 1973
Mark Bittick – Nofus HS (HM), 1971

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