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8/27 Football  Beaver HS, UT vs Marsh Valley
8/27 Football  Morgan HS, UT vs Sugar-Salem
8/27 Football  Green Canyon HS, UT vs Skyline
8/28 Football  Lighthouse Christian vs Kendrick
8/28 Football  Ogden HS, UT vs Pocatello
8/28 Football  Raft River vs Clearwater Valley
8/28 Football  Alta HS, UT vs Highland (Poc)
8/28 Football  Glenns Ferry vs Prairie
8/28 Football  Bear River HS, UT vs Madison
8/28 Football  Lehi HS, UT vs Coeur d'Alene
8/28 Football  Oakley vs Lapwai

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District 3 Shrine Game Rosters Released
Standout seniors from all over District 3 take the field one final time this Friday for the Shrine Games.
Published: 11/21/2018 9:50:42 AM

ORDER GAME PHOTOS will have live and free video broadcasts of each District 3 Shrine game on Friday, November 23 from Thunder Stadium at Eagle High School. The 8-man game starts at 11 a.m. and the 11-man game begins at 2 p.m.


Rosters have been announced for each team. See who will be participating below.

8-Man West
Coached by: Charlie Shepherd, Salmon River

Jayden Mink, Tri-Valley
Orion Southwick, Tri-Valley
Michael Carpenter, Tri-Valley
Cody Nixon, Tri-Valley
Skyler Kober, Cascade
Clayton Fox, Cascade
Gage Peterson, Garden Valley
Bryce Edwards, Garden Valley
Luke Henthorn, Garden Valley
Canyon Harper, Salmon River
Randy McClure, Salmon River
Reece Jones, Salmon River

8-Man East
Coached by: Kyle DalSoglio, Wilder & Jason Roeber, Idaho City

Brandon Fogg, Notus
Braedan Collins, Notus
Todd Marvin, Rimrock
Anthony Herrera, Rimrock
Quade Renfro, Horseshoe Bend
Mike Farrar, Horseshoe Bend
Jake Sharp, Idaho City
Wyatt Turner, Idaho City
Aaron Ostrom, Idaho City
Jared Studer, Idaho City
Kaleb Severns, Idaho City
Adam Akers, Horseshoe Bend
Everardo Aguilar, Wilder
Braydon Claudio, Wilder
Ismael Cortez, Wilder
Cristian Aguilar, Wilder
Dakota White, Wilder
Garrett Sedlacek, Wilder
Colton Sedlacek, Wilder
Justin Hendryx, Idaho City
Coltyn Smith, Horseshoe Bend

11-Man East 
Carson Brown, WR, Homedale
Braydon Jensen, WR, Parma
Ryan Hibbs, QB, Capital
Adam Nichols, DL, Bishop Kelly
Carson Smith, WR, Middleton
Hayden Brandon, LB, Kuna
Matthew Austin, QB, Kuna
Matt Heilman, DB, Bishop Kelly
Jonah Hultberg, WR, Timberline
Alex Shelton, DB, Mountain View
Roman Conder, DB, Cole Valley Christian
Joey Quitugua, DL, Capital
Brett Kern, WR, Emmett
Jake Tuckett, RB, Middleton
Layton Wagner, LB, Timberline
Gavin Piva, DB, Capital
Dylan Krogh, LB, Cole Valley Christian
Jack Molesworth, DB, Boise
Jackson Lightner, TE, Bishop Kelly
Dallin Forsgren, DB, Melba
Thomas Rizzo, RB, Bishop Kelly
Mason Kincheloe, RB, Homedale
Jake Walk, DL, Capital
Austdan Phompackdy, RB, Borah
Keegan Vincent, DB, Kuna
Drew Deal, DB, Homedale
Neal Weber, K/P, Middleton
Mike Stone, LB, Bishop Kelly
Rudy Dye, DL, Capital
Trevor Gentry, LB, Parma
Noah Corder, DL, Cole Valley Christian
Peyton Mills, OL, Timberline
Brody Martinez, OL, Borah
Jacob Batubenga, LB, Borah
Warren Craig, DL, Middleton
Clayton Wolfe, OL, Homedale
Jack Vering, OL, Capital
Alex Ojukwu, DL, Boise
Scott Carr, OL, McCall-Donnelly
Brennan Lamey, OL, Bishop Kelly
Aaron Drake, OL, Middleton
Kevin Eldredge, OL, Mountain View
Lane Atkins, OL, Homedale
Garrett Rehberg, OL, Bishop Kelly
Jaren Tilden, DL, Mountain View

11-Man West
Wade Carpenter, WR, Skyview
Chase Burfeind, WR, Caldwell
Wyatt Storer, QB, Skyview
Dakota Thompson, DB, Eagle
David Haggerty, LB, Eagle
Matt Hudson, LB, Eagle
Charlie Faraimo, DB, Centennial
Paul Crawford, TE, Weiser
Caden Clark, WR, Centennial
Brian Birrell, LB, Centennial
Dayne Koch, QB, Centennial
Austin Forrest, DB, Ridgevue
Conner Croft, WR, Rocky Mountain
Jojo Seward, DB, Meridian
Ryder Hernandez, DB, Caldwell
Jayden Moran, WR, Vallivue
Joe Strickland, LB, Rocky Mountain
Gabe Moore, DB, Centennial
Noah Hattrup, DB, Fruitland
Tyler Crowe, LB, Skyview
Bridger Marboe, DB, Eagle
Nick Romano, RB, Rocky Mountain
Tyler Bremer, K/P, Meridian
Grant Roberts, WR, Nampa
Allamar Alexander, RB, Columbia
Isaiah Jacobsen, DL, Rocky Mountain
Garrett Beck, LB, Rocky Mountain
Brian Carrillo, RB, Nampa
Michael Sondermann, RB, Ridgevue
Dwight Sevy, LB, Marsing
Logan Davis, DL, Skyview
Mason Denton, OL, Centennial
Trevor Birk, DL, Ridgevue
Declan Smith, DL, Nampa
Cade Flint, OL, Columbia
Sam Witte, DL, Eagle
Danny Sanchez, DL, Vallivue
Brisyn Cutburth, OL, Fruitland
Maliki Hoagland, OL, Ridgevue
Cam Foster, OL, Rocky Mountain
Nick Woods, OL, New Plymouth
Marcus Crespin, OL, Nampa
Luke Masters, OL, Eagle
Cooper Lund, OL, Skyview
Anthony Garza, OL, Rocky Mountain
Michael Cox, DL, Columbia


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