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Vallivue Dual-Threat QB Commits to UC Davis
Senior Falcon Lan Larison announced he would be signing with the Aggies Wednesday
Published: 12/18/2019 12:35:52 PM

Senior quarterback Lan Larison, the Vallivue Falcons' leading man in 2019, announced Wednesday morning via Twitter his commitment to play for the UC Davis Aggies. 

The announcement comes off the back of an 8-3 campaign for the Brown and Gold in which Larison did just about everything on the offensive side of the ball. In his career, Larison put together a dual-threat clinic, running for 5,161 yards while throwing for 4,300 more. He also scored 61 touchdowns on the ground and 49 through the air during his time as a Falcon.

Larison will compete under the direction of third-year head coach Dan Hawkins, well-known in the Gem State for his stint as head football coach of Boise State from 1998 to 2000. Dan's son, Cody Hawkins, primarily recruited Lan. Hawkins serves as the Aggies' assistant director of football operations and recruiting, while also working on the field as a wide receivers coach.

During the recruitment process, Hawkins said Bishop Kelly head coach Tim Brennan gave nothing but praise when discussing Larison's talents. As a former Bishop Kelly football player himself, Hawkins said the word of Brennan was as good as gold.

"He came to me last year and said, 'This kid is the toughest SOB that I've ever had to play against and the best high school football player I have seen in all my years of coaching.'" Hawkins said. "Anytime Tim Brennan gives you the stamp of approval, it means a lot."

Hawkins, who helps lead a dynamic offense at UC Davis, said he expects Larison to not just make an impact under center, but from anywhere on the field. When discussing Larison's on-field abilities, he compared him to another Idaho high school product - New Orleans Saint Taysom Hill.

"He plays with a reckless abandon that is rare in football now," Hawkins said. "I told him, 'You could run the ball and win us a national championship tomorrow.'"

The Aggies leaned heavily on quarterback Jake Maier in 2019 in a pass-heavy offense. Last season, Maier threw for 3,563 yards and 28 touchdowns. And while Larison proved at Vallivue he can air it out, Hawkins said the offense will most likely utilize Larison's greatest strength: his ability to make moves in space. Hawkins said he expects Larison to be featured in plenty of red zone packages in pseudo-wildcat formations. He will also likely make appearances out at receiver, Hawkin's specialty, or on kick returns, where Larison can showcase his infamous elusiveness and speed.

"I think he's a guy that has to touch the ball as much as you can possibly get it to him, because he's going to do the right thing," Hawkins said. "To say we're over the moon would be an understatement, because that kid is exactly the kind of guy you want to coach."

Larison's prolific high school career earned him looks from in-state programs like Idaho and Idaho State, according to Bob Larison, Vallivue defensive coordinator and Lan's father. But as the time to decide drew near, UC Davis' welcoming atmosphere and communicative coaching staff made the difference.

"It felt like I could really be a good fit there. I really liked the things they told me they were going have me do and the impression of Davis, the coaches, the players, stuck with me," Larison said.

Larison's senior campaign proved to be his most efficient when running the ball, as he averaged 12.6 yards per carry and 125.9 yards per game. When throwing, Larison showcased his efficiency, throwing a total of just 15 interceptions in his career.

"They did everything they could to keep Lan interested," Bob Larison said. "Our whole game plan offensively was around Lan. It's going to be a big difference next year. I think UC Davis is getting a great player."

Because scholarship costs can quickly add up when recruiting out-of-state athletes, Hawkins said it can prove difficult for an FCS program like UC Davis to dip heavily into the Gem State pool. But after witnessing the intangibles of Larison, specifically his leadership and good character, Hawkins said he couldn't pass up a blue-chip opportunity. 

"For us to go out of state on a player is rare," he said. "If you have to bet your mortgage on one kid in the state of Idaho, a smart bet is to put it on Lan."

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